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Space Availability - Curzon B Open Learning Zone (book a visit)

Book a study space in Curzon B.

Please scroll down to book a slot.

1. Click a green slot at the required start time.

The slot will turn yellow and automatically apply a period of padding.


2. To book a longer slot, scroll down the page and select an end time for your booking.

You can book up to three hours in the available study block.

3. The full booking will be displayed on the page as a yellow box.

Scroll down to amend the end time, or press the "bin" icon to re-start your booking for a new time.

4. Click  to finish, then enter your name/email address on the following page to complete your booking.


Considerate behaviour in the library

  • Please place any library items you have used onto the nearest shelving trolley rather than place them back onto the shelves.
  • You should be ready to leave promptly at the end of your time slot to allow the next person to gain access to the space.
  • Please do not leave belongings in the library if you are not there.
  • You are welcome to use a space if it is booked but unoccupied. However, please be prepared to leave if the person who has booked the space arrives.


We are grateful for your understanding and compliance with our safety guidelines. 

Personal data: Please note that we retain personal data provided in the booking form for contact tracing purposes.


Space booking information

Group Room Bookings

BCU students are able to make a maximum of 5 Curzon B Group Room bookings and 5 Curzon Library Group Study Room bookings each week. This is to ensure equal access to these study spaces for all. 

Rooms are bookable for 2 hours. 

All other spaces in Curzon B are within the drop-in zone and therefore not bookable. 

   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable